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How to watch ERT World live

If you’re a fan of international news and diverse programming with a focus on the world, you’ve probably heard of ERT World. The channel offers live broadcast of international events, news, documentaries, films and entertainment programs. In this article, we are going to explain how to watch ERT World live online for free.

ERT World is an international television channel from Greece, belonging to the public network ERT. Its programming is largely devoted to coverage of international news, documentaries, entertainment programs, films and sporting events. The main objective of the channel is to promote Greek culture, as well as the traditions and diversity of the world.

For those who want to know the news firsthand and have access to a variety of programs, watching ERT World live is a great option. Greece’s public television broadcaster aims to inform and entertain all viewers, both nationally and internationally.

With the internet, it is possible to access the ERT World schedule from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is have a device with an internet connection and access the website., where you can watch live and also see programs already shown. In addition, it is possible to watch the Olympic games, European championships and other sports competitions, which are broadcast by ERT World.

For those who enjoy music, the station has special programs on the subject, with performances by Greek and international bands and artists. At ERT Music, for example, it is possible to follow shows of popular, traditional and classical music. ERT Sports is the channel for sports fans, with programs about physical activities, championships, games and interviews with athletes.

Not only Greece, but also other countries that speak the language, such as Cyprus and Australia, can follow ERT World live for free. More than just informing and entertaining, the station plays an important role in Greek culture, contributing to the preservation of the country’s traditions and cultural heritage.

Watching ERT World live is an opportunity to learn more about Greece and its culture, in addition to having access to a variety and quality program. With the ease of the internet, it is possible to be connected with the world and experience new experiences without leaving home.

Watching ERT World live is a great opportunity to improve your knowledge of Greek culture. The station is one of the largest in Greece and its content stands out for having a varied program, with news, documentaries, films and series, all in Greek and English. Now, you can watch ERT World live from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet. Just access the following link: ERT World live: check it out online.

Take advantage of this opportunity and improve your knowledge of Greek culture, getting to know its history, customs and cuisine better. With the historical and cultural relationship between Brazil and Greece, this is a very important differentiator for anyone looking to learn more about European culture.

Also, if you are interested in traveling to Greece, watching ERT World live can help you choose the places you want to visit and learn more about the natural and architectural beauties of the country. The station covers important events in the country and shows documentaries about the Greek islands, historical monuments and many other attractions.

Watching ERT World live is also a great way to practice and improve your Greek. The station broadcasts programs in Greek and English, which will provide a more complete learning of the language. And if you already speak Greek, watching ERT World live can be a way to stay in touch with your mother tongue and the culture of your country.

So, don’t waste any more time, access the link right now: ERT World live: check it out online and start enjoying all the advantages of watching ERT World programming. Your mind and culture will thank you!

ERT World live: check it out online

How to watch ERT World live for free

There are several ways to watch ERT World live online, most of them for free. Here are some options:


  1. Access the website of ERTplay at
  2. Click “Live” to access the live stream
  3. Select ERT World from available channels


  1. Access the official channel of ERT World at the YouTube
  2. Click “Live” to access the live stream

free live tv sites

There are several sites on the Internet that broadcast TV channels from around the world for free, such as Free Online TV 1 and the TV Streaming FREE. Just make sure the websites are safe and trustworthy before accessing them.

Channels broadcasting ERT World live

In case you are unable to access the ERT World live stream online, there are also options for television channels that can stream it, depending on the pay-tv provider you have. Here are some of the channels that can stream ERT World in other countries:

  • NOS (Portugal)
  • CytaVision (Cyprus)
  • Cablevision (USA)

live stream quality

The quality of the ERT World live stream may vary depending on the internet connection you have. We recommend that you have a high-speed broadband connection to ensure quality streaming.


In summary, the live broadcast of ERT World it can be accessed free of charge over the internet through the ERTplay website and YouTube, as well as other live tv websites. There are also options for television channels that can broadcast it, depending on your provider, such as NOS in Portugal, CytaVision in Cyprus and Cablevision in the US. Make sure you have a quality internet connection to ensure clear and stable video streaming.