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Watch Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ live: everything you need to know

What is Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ?

Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ is a Greek public television channel specializing in political and parliamentary coverage. Broadcast by ERT, the channel is responsible for covering the activities of the National Assembly Georgios Karaiskakis, the parliament of Greece. With its exclusive programming, Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ is one of the country’s leading sources of political information.

How to watch Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ live stream?

With the evolution of the internet, today it is possible to watch television channels from around the world in real time on the web. Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ live can be watched through several online platforms. Below we list a few:

  • portuguese cinema: the Portuguese TV channel shows Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ programming in its programming grid. You can subscribe to the service to follow real-time programming over the web.
  • live tv: This site offers TV channels from all over the world, including Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ. Just go to the website and click on the channel you want to watch.
  • ERT Play: ERT’s online platform that allows you to watch the station’s television channels, including Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ, in real time and on demand.
  • unofficial websites: some unofficial sites usually provide access to Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ live for free. It is important to remember that using these sites may present security risks, such as malware infection, for example.

Why watch Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ?

Watching Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ can be a way to stay informed about political and social issues in Greece. With its programming grid specialized in parliamentary activities, the channel offers a space to follow important discussions about the future of the country. In addition, Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ is one of the main sources of political information in Greece and can be useful for students, researchers and journalists.


If you’re looking for a way to stay informed about political issues in Greece, watching Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ might be an excellent option. With its exclusive programming, the channel offers a space to follow parliamentary activities and important political discussions for the country. And with online streaming options, you can watch Vouli — ΒΟΥΛΗ ΤΗΛΕΟΡΑΣΗ live from anywhere in the world.